Hi!  I'm Patti


I help leaders and their teams discover their unique communication style and strengths so they can collaborate at the highest level for the best results

Orlando, Florida
Me with my Mentor, John C. Maxwell

Would you like to grow in your  relationships with your team?

Growth doesn’t just happen. There are things that we can all do to grow in every area of our lives.

Do you ever wonder why your team seems to misfire and aren't communicating?

Everyone is wired differently. Knowing how to respond and get along with others is crucial.

Would you like to see your team respond with new enthusiasm? 

Yes, it is possible!

Do you know how to best communicate with your team? 

Would you like a systematic approach to do that?


Patti Massullo


 I am a Keynote Speaker and can also speak at your Leader's retreat, conference, workshop, or to your team at your workplace.


I train your team through masterminds, Lunch and Learn's, Workshops and Webinars.



I am available to help you and your team meet and exceed your goals.   I do that in groups as well as one-on-one.



 Do you need a keynote speaker? I am available to speak for your  conference, retreat or workshop. 


Training for your team through masterminds, Lunch and Learn's, Workshops and Webinars.


 Designed with you in mind. After taking a DISC assessment, custom coaching based on your unique style and needs. We can work on any area of Professional or Personal Development in groups or one on one. 


"Patti Massullo gave an uplifting performance on the VIP Talks virtual stage with her engaging talk on nine simple ways to find purpose in everyday life. Her distinction on the differences between joy and happiness was both original and eye opening. I highly recommend Patti and she is welcome to return to the talks stage any time!"

Joe Swinger

Founder, Silver Linings Network & VIP Talks

"Patti came and spoke to our Chamber on very short notice and was asked to do an abridged version of her talk, and she did a great job! Entertaining and fun to listen to, she shares insightful and timely information while leaving your laughing and smiling. I would invite her to speak for any professional group interested in immediately applying what they learn!"

Jenni Stone

Greater Travelers Rest Chamber of Commerce

We are all so grateful for Patti’s presentation to our staff at our staff meeting last week. Your 5 steps to keep our emotions in check as well as the 30-60 second rule were spot on with most all of us. Reminding us about exercising Self Care and situation analysis were also very important for us to consider since many times we can forget that we also need to take care of ourselves.

I believe that giving tools such as : Placing ourselves in a good amount of natural light per day; eating healthy food & snack; taking breaks between difficult sessions; being emotionally health aware for others we work with; and continuing to take training along with education in mental health will help all of us better serve those that need our services.   Thank you again for your important presentation.

Tami Howell

Director of Outreach and Advancement, Piedmont Women’s Center - Greenville, SC