Tip # 1 – Trade Services

If you want to work with local businesses, you have to get your very first client. Don’t worry about having all your ducks in a row yet. You do not need a website, business cards or even  a prior client. I had none of those things when I began. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Here is what I did. I asked two friends who I knew already had businesses if I could help them for a trade. One was a marble and tile business and  I got a free backsplash for my kitchen and the other was a Photography business, of which I was able to get some family photography done.

I would highly recommend you choose a service or product that you need or want. That will end up being a win win for both of you. There is nothing wrong with telling them you are starting your business and would like to test some of the new things you are learning.


So, go on out and get that first client!! Next time we will talk about what you can offer…



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