I started online back in 2002 selling on ebay and then Amazon. I became an ebay Powerseller and then a Certified Education Specialist trained by ebay themselves. I was teaching other how to sell and selling on both platforms for a few years. Then, I decided to start working with local businesses, showing them how to improve their online presence. Ultimately,I started my marketing agency and started doing this full time. This was a great career for me, as my children were small at the time and I could be home with them most of the time.

All this led to my speaking to local groups and businesses, doing consulting, showing companies how to properly use Social Media for their business. I also became a coach for Jim Cockrum Coaching, showing others how to start their own local business agency

I love working from my home office in beautiful Greenville, SC. Having the opportunity to help local businesses take their message to the online world effectively b rings me great joy.

I still sell actively on ebay and Amazon, am a Coach, Consultant and a Speaker

I also write for my Church blog and speak at local churches.