Have you ever thought about helping local businesses? They all need help because they are busy running their businesses and have no idea what to do online or how to actually market effectively

Now you might be thinking, but Patti, I haven’t even really done well with my own business yet. That is ok!! You can help other businesses without having it all figured out. The way you do that is to start with some things that you know how to do already. Then, you can outsource some things (which we will talk more about later) and you can learn as you go.

The first business I ever helped paid me $2,000 and I did not even know what I was doing yet. I paid someone to set up a simple website, which cost me about $200 to have done. Then I set up a Facebook presence for them, which I knew how to do. Other than a small cost for some graphics for that, my total profit was about $1,600 on that project! Not bad for my first client!

You can do this and I am going to teach you how 🙂

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